BILL ROBERSON: Creative Director+Brand Builder+Marketing Storyteller

Is your brand story clear?

Your organization may find it difficult to express your uniqueness to the world. Confirmation bias and historic blindspots frequently get in the way. My process of Evaluate to Clarify can often break through the noise to move toward real growth and deeper engagement – taking you from chaos to clarity…


Do you need help translating your organizational vision into clarified activity? Are you looking for insight on how to maximize the impact and engagement of your creative? Does the thought of trying to implement a more collaborative culture keep you up at night? I have some expertise that can help with that…

Creative Direction

Leading creatives to next level solutions while insuring business goals are kept in mind requires understanding and empathy.

Brand Development

Your brand is more than the visual expression. Coordinating all the elements of brand into a cohesive whole leads to clarity.


The audience should remain top-of-mind as solutions to their problems drive the ability to make real connections to the organization.


Messaging Strategy

Understanding the right words to say as well as the right tone to deliver them in will take your message from flat to fully embraced.

Culture Champion

What we reinforce as part of the internal brand experience will get repeated. We can never forget we’re all in this together.


Team Development

The unique gifts and abilities of each team member should be considered throughout the process of completing the work.

Solving Big Problems

When you can’t quite figure out where your organization is in the process, it helps to get input and insight from an experienced leader. I would love to be Your Clarity Coach!


Over the years I’ve learned how much more my teams can accomplish if we have true respect for each other and listen well. Often, our ability to come up with the best outcome is dependent on giving room for everyone involved to have a voice.

Organizations that think and operate in silos create stress and get less done. It is always my goal to bring disparate teams together through robust collaboration and genuine care for each other.

We should never assume that our teams know how to interact with candor and grace. By creating environments and experiences that are focused on developing an ever-more collaborative connection, we truly can get more done.

Recent Work

A mix of campaigns I have lead as well as personal design work.


Woodmen Branding Project

I provided Creative Direction on this full rebrand for Woodmen Valley Chapel - leading a diverse team through the process of discovery and design. By recruiting Brand experts to volunteer on the team, I was able to save the $10-15K it would have cost to bring in an external vendor.


UX/Digital Development Projects

Modern digital projects require a focus on experience design to insure the audience is fully represented in terms of aesthetic and usability. As Creative Director/Producer on these mobile projects, my goal was to keep the user needs visible throughout the process.


Student Curriculum & Branding Project

I provided Creative Direction and Designed this curriculum for Latitude Global Leadership Community. This is Book One in the series and is being used by both National and International students. As Brand Strategist and Creative Director on the initial Latitude brand, I was able to provide overall design direction for the organization.


Let’s discover how to combine our strengths in order to access creative problem-solving.

Translating individual traits into an actionable plan takes a mix of experience and practical creativity. My desire is to be an authentically humble leader while giving each organization I serve my fullest attention. Because of my history serving a wide variety of organizations, I am able to lean on different strengths to get the job done. I love exploring the hard questions of each project in order to develop a great result.

  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Clarity
  • Leadership

“Leadership requires two things: a vision of the world that does not yet exist and the ability to communicate it.”
– Simon Sinek, Start With Why


You don’t have to take my word for it…

“Bill is an incredibly talented, motivated and experienced professional. He consistently listened to our needs, understood our results and offered unique and compelling solutions that were well within our budget and time-frame! Bill adds value and maximizes his skills to establish a strong partnership for impact and growth!”

Ken Norwood

COO of Strategic Relationships, Safe Families

Bill served on our team as the Director of Communication. We were in a season of growth and it was very helpful to have his experience and creativity during that time. I also appreciated that Bill is an “all in” kind of guy. … He is a team player who is great at collaborating during the creative process and can bring clarity when it’s time to make a decision.

Brian Mosley

President, RightNow Media

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